About Nancy E. Rose Pribyl

NERP - April

Mother of a recent Bemidji State graduate and a Carthage College junior. Wife of over 25 years. Beagle owner. Grew up in Linden Hills, Minneapolis and currently reside in Bloomington, Minnesota.  Presently exploring options for the next  opportunity where I can best utilize my creativity to the benefit of a community, organization or business. Provided leadership to college students for over 25 years, on five campuses in three states.

Lifelong story-teller. Feel free to “like”, critique, comment, share and encourage others to read my work. I write about things I know, experiences I’ve had, things I question, observations I have made and memories of my childhood. If you have questions, ask. Relax, enjoy and don’t take anything I write too seriously. I seldom do. -NERP


One thought on “About Nancy E. Rose Pribyl

  1. Brad Kissell says:

    Nancy Rose. Oh my how we’ve grown! As I have a habit of doing, I sometimes Google the names of people I’ve known and have fond memories of from the past. Your family and that of the Newlands (csptured so lovingly in your September 2014 writings) were part of my crazy, fun “formative” years in the early 7os. I wonder if you remember by chance Nancy’s old boyfriend, Brad. Well, I remember putting everyone through me trying to play and sing John Prine songs in your sweet folks’ living room and was one of those teens in a cabin tent you referenced. It was the first I had heard of not only the deaths of your parents, but Jan and Bill too. Things didn’t work out in us being able to stay in touch, but I’ll always cherish those times that obviously still resonate as strongly for you to this day. Your writings captured the spirit of those fun times and the nice people who created them. All the best to you and your family. Brad Kissell, Eden Prairie

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