21 Thoughts on My Son at 21

The first time I took him to a “Mom’s Morning Out” (six months old) I returned to be told that he was the only baby that didn’t cry when his mother left. The two women went on to say that they had never seen a baby appear so compassionate toward other babies, as though he wished to comfort them all. That innate quality continued as he took on positions in middle school with the District Wide Advisory Board, in high school when he served for a year on the Bloomington Human Rights Commission and in his work directing numerous blood drives. He has been a confidante to many friends through the years.

As a preschooler, he was loved by his daycare teachers who would comment that he noticed when they had a new hairstyle, outfit or piece of jewelry. He still notices.

Since the days of Monica Lewinsky, Eddie has always had a keen interest in pop-culture. He didn’t just keep up with the Kardashians, he surpassed them and kept up with Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan too.

Eddie is a natural performer and was theatrical before he ever hit the stage. He started dance classes in elementary school, began theater in middle school and participated in show choir and theater throughout high school. Though his role as Edna Turnblad in Hairspray earned him the Outstanding Lead recognition from the Hennepin Theater District Trust, as his mother I most fondly recall his role as Conrad Birdie. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DGwL2c_mATk

From his early fascination with Faberge eggs and the lives of the Romanovs,  Eddie has been interested in royal families and lineage.

His love for fashion began very young and by kindergarten he liked to wear suits and ties Monday – Thursday and a golf shirt and khakis on Friday.Eddie Daffodil

He remembers things and is thoughtful in unexpected ways. He gave me Calvin Klein mascara for Mother’s Day one year because he remembered a story I had told him about his grandma spending too much on a tube for me my senior year in high school, when all I needed was a drugstore tube but how much I loved it. Another time he texted me a brief video of the dance team at his college performing at halftime to a song I had choreographed a dance line routine to my sophomore year in high school.

He is creative in many ways and able to make something beautiful with paints and canvas, fabric and a sewing machine, hair and a curling iron.

Eddie doesn’t passively take interest in anything, if he is curious about something he will research the history and traditions of it. He could have a PhD in Show Choir or Greek Life for all the insight and knowledge he has.

He is a natural leader and enjoys the challenge and process of his leadership roles, he has a vision and is never afraid of the work it will take to achieve what he sets out to accomplish.

He is classic in a way that would make him comfortable with time-travel. He would be equally suited to a conversation with Jay Gatsby or attending a cocktail party at the Kennedy White House.

Halloweens are among favorite holiday memories of the Pribyl house. Eddie’s costumes included; Tin Man, Ghost, German Boy, Bat, Batman, Magician, Secret Service Agent, Zombie in a suit, Zombie in pajamas, Napoleon Dynamite, Alfalfa, King Arthur and Kevin Federline. Though when assigned in elementary school to write an essay on his favorite holiday he chose Arbor Day, thinking it would garner more attention.



OZninja batman

He has always made friends wherever he goes and has a large circle of contacts. That being said, he maintains relationships and is fiercely loyal to a tight inner circle of people who “get him”.Eddie Agitator

His desire for justice and fairness  is one of his most admirable traits. It has allowed him to stand up for himself and others, making him a champion of his peers and on occasion posing a challenge to adults who were not accustomed to needing to justify their actions or be held accountable.

Eddie is hilarious, whether he is mimicking someone, spontaneously dancing or making a witty observation. Many of my favorite memories of him growing up are of him making other people laugh.

He enjoys weddings and has since he was little. They incorporate his love of fashion, spectacle, organization, socializing and dance.

He loves to shop, for himself or for others. For clothing, toiletries, housewares or crafting materials. He’ll shop at Target, Macy’s, Goodwill or Burberry.

His organizational skills allow him to balance an impressive calendar filled with work, academics, organizations and social functions.

He loves shoes.

His taste in music is eclectic but country music in a moving vehicle makes him nauseous.

It is hard for me to believe that my sweet, compassionate, funny and creative little boy has grown into the handsome and accomplished young man that he is so quickly. I could not be prouder of him nor could I have imagined that raising him would have brought me so much joy. I am looking forward to all that his future holds. Happy Birthday!Eddie with Abe


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