Day 12 in a month of writing: Coworkers at a New Job

six co-workers heads_edited-1

I began a new job this past week. A part-time gig a few mornings a week, which allows me to continue a job search for my next full-time position. I appreciate the opportunity for numerous reasons; I’m an extrovert and enjoy the stimulation of interacting with other people, it adds something to my resume, it allows me to complete any online work from my other extremely part-time position during the evening and there is the added benefit of some cash flow to put toward bills. It is a pleasant place a dozen miles from home that takes anywhere from twenty to forty-five minutes to get to, dependent on the severity of the mist in the air. These are Minnesota drivers who can manage an over the river and through the woods drive through a blizzard but for some reason liquid precipitation can only be addressed by coming to a complete stop.

It’s been nearly two years since I have had coworkers. At my last place of employment I knew my coworkers so well that I could tell what day of the week it was by one coworker’s three hour lunch (some people would call that a hair appointment) and knew how to place another coworker’s lunch order from anyplace in walking distance, once we had determined if lunch was coming from Sally’s, Campus Pizza or Buffalo Wild Wings. If the weather was nice we chose from Raising Cane’s, Bruegger’s, DQ or Noodles. If we were eating late or in a time crunch it was a direct run across the street to Burger King and she was never going to eat from Arby’s, where I occasionally went to get Jalapeno Poppers. In the twenty-one months since my position was eliminated, light rail tracks have made the direct BK dash no longer an option and Arby’s, along with the neon trimmed hat have come down to make room for a new development.

The points I’m trying to make include that as time passes things change and also that you get to know your coworkers well after prolonged exposure. I’m wondering if something has changed about coworkers since I was last part of the workforce. Don’t get me wrong, my new coworkers have been welcoming and very friendly, three of them literally ran to greet me my first day on the job! One of them felt immediately comfortable with me and laid his head in my lap before the end of my first day. Earlier this week while I was working on something one just took a nap on the table I was at. There is a lot of work to be done, a variety of tasks taking place and though it’s efficient, there is a pleasant relaxed atmosphere. Relaxed enough that my coworker Sammy had pooped in my work area even before I arrived one morning this week. I’m hoping by now you have figured out that in addition to the two-legged employees I have working alongside me, that I also have three canine co-workers who wander around the various office and work spaces. I love it!

Through movies, books, catching some residual soap operas of my mother’s while growing up and simple observation at past jobs, I have learned that the workplace can be a bastion of cheating. Millie, my beagle, thinks I’m cheating on her. There is no greater look of betrayal than the one cast by her soulful eyes when her snout had ratted me our for abandoning her to a day at home while I went off and frolicked with furry friends of various breeds. What I don’t sacrifice to put kibble in her dish and cover her vet bills.

Even with the occasional “accident” there really is less crap to put up with here than in some previous workplaces. The only bitch I work with now is four-legged, has a sweet disposition and can play well with others, which is refreshing. It is great having more than one two-legged coworker who possesses both pet and people skills. I appreciate the daily camaraderie with multiple people that possess both! So while I am waiting to find my next position I am incredibly thankful for the opportunity to have some place to go that I like, where I can be of help and where my coworkers doing security are as loyal as a dog.




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