A BLT Tastes Like Summer All Year Long!


Growing up in Minneapolis my earliest memory of tomatoes were them growing alongside my best friends house. Her mother was a small town girl who made homemade tomato sauce and stewed tomatoes with the late season tomatoes.  They had a pantry filled with summertime flavor to have for dinner during the long and cold Minnesota winters. The early tomatoes were always used for BLT’s which always meant that I could stay for dinner. To this day the BLT is among my favorite sandwiches! Part of my fondness is the summertime memories of my childhood and part of it is because they just taste so darn good. With the Big Round Tomato Company providing their product to so many local restaurants and grocery stores I am able to satisfy my craving at home and when dining out.

I would love to hear your early tomato memories! Please submit your contribution by February 28th to be eligible for a drawing for a “Ripe Place, Ripe Time” T-shirt or reusable grocery tote


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